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Thursday, 30 October 2014

In the Name of Love_ Large Prin - Danielle Greenhouse
Caitlin Hadley, a maid in the Meyer household, falls in love with Franz Warholm, one of the Meyer's employees. Franz initially thinks she is a silly little thing. His feelings for her grow when he realizes how dire the situation she is in is, though, and what a monster his employer reveals himself to be.Franz risks it all to rescue her, but soon after he is the one who needs saving. He is forced by circumstance to do the unthinkable and it is something that haunts him all of his days. Meanwhile Caitlin, as she matures, is still in love with Franz, but his addictions and unfaithfulness overshadow that love and she yearns for something more.As they escape England and a determined detective's clutches and head toward the promise of America, Caitlin starts a fresh new future as a nurse while Franz tries his best to forget about his past and the overwhelming guilt over what he has done. He wonders how long he will evade his own demons as well as the long arm of the law.Little do they know that a young man, who is also a pawn in someone else's game, has the potential to reveal their true identities and destroy the life they carefully built over the years.

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